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Posted by Dr. Scott Solberg on Jan 02, 2019

Bible on a Camel!

RECENTLY, I PREACHED THE FINAL SERMON on our series on Isaiah 56-66. This wonderful section of Isaiah ended with a glorious picture of people from the nations streaming to the mountain of God.

“And they shall bring all your brothers from all the nations as an offering to the LORD, on horses and in chariots and in litters and on mules and on dromedaries, to my holy mountain Jerusalem, says the LORD.” - Isaiah 66:20

Dromedary? What is a “dromedary”? I had to look it up and discovered it was a camel. This verse captures the mode of travel in the day it was written. Basically it is saying that the road will be wide open and people from all over the world will make their way to God because of the work of Jesus.

The next week I read a wonderful article in the recent edition of Christianity Today about the Rendille people of Northern Kenya. For the first time in their history, they were receiving a written copy of the New Testament in their native language. How was it being brought to them? You got it; by camel!

Two things struck me about this story.

First of all, I love the picture this story gives to Isaiah 66:20. The article gave testimony to the impact the gospel made on their culture. “No child marriages. No female circumcisions. Give every child equal rights. Give a girl equal rights with boys. They used to value camels more than people. The animals drank from the scarce well water before women and children did. But after the gospel arrived, the children moved ahead of the camels in line.”

Secondly, I was taken back by the excitement they had in receiving the Scriptures in their own language. Jackson Vusaka recounted of that day, “There was great celebration and dancing as the crowd witnessed the offloaded cartons of the Scriptures being placed on the table. It had been an over thirty year’s wait.”

When was the last time I held the scriptures with the same sense of wonder as pictured here?

May God rekindle in us a love for his Word, and may we not take for granted that we can hear from God whenever we open up the Bible.