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Posted by Dr. Scott Solberg on Apr 22, 2020

Songs for the Anxious Heart

HOW DO YOU DEAL with your anxiety and fear? That seems to be a constant question that surfaces during this time of crisis. 

Last week I offered a prayer to help us work through our anxious thoughts and fears. But in addition to prayer, I find worship and song to be a great source of strength in dealing with our anxieties and fears. 

I recently stumbled across a worship ministry called People and Songs. And I find this collective of worship leaders and songs to be a source of great blessing and comfort. With that in mind, I want to share two of their songs with you and I hope they bless you like they blessed me.

The first song is based on Psalm 23 and the reassurance that with God we are not alone. "I Am Not Alone"

The second song is a blessing over your home and your house. "In This House"

Both of these songs are sung from the living room. I like these versions of the songs because that is where we are all living at the moment. So, from one living room to the next, know that God is with you.

Be at peace!