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Posted by Dr. Scott Solberg on Jul 31, 2018

Tim Keller’s Witness at the Parliamentary Prayer Breakfast

I WOULD INVITE YOU to take about 25 minutes to listen to Tim Keller’s presentation at the Parliamentary Prayer Breakfast. It is well worth your time for several reasons.

1.  It is a great example of how to engage a secular culture with the hope of the gospel. Tim Keller has a great way of addressing some of the shortcomings inherent in a worldview that is mainly secular.

2.  Keller’s tone and spirit is gracious and winsome – something for us to keep in mind when engaging with others.

3.  As he talks about the verse in Matthew 5 that says of the church – “You are the salt of the earth” - his final appeal not only speaks to the government, but also the church. He reminds us that “salt” is distinct from “meat” and so he appeals to the government of Great Britain to “let the church be different.” That is when the church is the most effective in the culture. Don’t force the church to adapt their biblical convictions…this is a good reminder for the church as well!

Find some time and take a listen! Let me know what you think.

Watch the video and read more here.