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Posted by Dr. Scott Solberg on Feb 13, 2019

Tim Tebow is Getting Married!

IN RESPONSE TO THE NEWS OF THIS HIGH-PROFILE ENGAGEMENT, Christian Counselor, Greg Smalley posed the question of this couple: “Are they really ready for marriage?”

The question wasn’t asked because he knew something about them that concerned him. Rather, he shared “6 questions he asks every couple” who find themselves wanting to get married.

In light of Valentine’s Day, I thought I would share his six questions as a reminder of what makes marriage work. You can read the full article here.

  1. Are they ready to make a lifelong commitment to God and one another?
    Tim and Demi-Leigh are making a decision to cut off all other options that would compete with their marriage. Fittingly, the word “decide” stems from a root word meaning “to cut.”
  2. Do they understand the purpose of marriage?
    As a Christian, I believe God uses marriage to help us become more like Christ. It can be a humbling and challenging process, but a good marriage will strengthen your faith.
  3. Do they understand their job is to love their spouse – not get their spouse to love them?
    We’re selfish creatures, and concentrating on the “other” person can be difficult. But if each person would spend less time worrying about themselves and more time serving the other person, they’ll be amazed at how strong and fulfilling their marriage can be.
  4. Are they ready to leave their past behind?
    I regularly see couples who struggle with transitioning from their single lifestyle to marriage. It’s also common to encounter men and women who are still emotionally entwined with their parents. Your spouse shouldn’t have to compete with your mother or father for attention.
  5. Do they know how to manage conflict?
    It’s one of the greatest myths that the absence of conflict is a sign of a healthy marriage. Differences of opinion over money, sex and household issues, to name just a few topics, are inevitable. Conflict is actually an opportunity to learn something about yourself, your spouse and your marriage. But you need to fight fairly.
  6. Are they part of a community?
    It’s not uncommon for a couple to put some distance between themselves and friends and their community after falling in love. They’re so enraptured with one another that it’s easy to lose connections. But every couple needs a strong network of support, including relatives, friends and a church body.

The union of a man and woman in the sacred institution of marriage is a glorious event and something that not only adds to personal fulfillment but also the betterment of society. If Tim Tebow and Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters approach the marriage altar with the same degree of planning and tenacity that they’ve done in their respective professional pursuits, I am confident they’ll be on their way to a lifetime of marital fulfillment.