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Posted by Dr. Scott Solberg on Jan 16, 2019

Work Hard at Rest

RECENTLY, I CAME ACROSS AN ARTICLE that caught my eye. The title of the article was, “7 Ways to Work Hard at Rest.” Before I even read the article, I was struck with the need to work hard at resting. It actually takes work to rest!!

I’ll share with you the “7 Ways to Work Hard at Rest.” If you want to read more about it, click onto the article and read it. It is worth your time.

  1. Rest Before you Get Tired
    There is no need to work until you crash. Set up healthy patterns where you step away from your work.
  1. Have a Rhythm to your Rest
    Without being legalistic about Sabbath keeping, there is something about the pattern of rest established by God all the way back at creation (Genesis 1). It is also a pattern pictured for us in the gospel (Hebrews 4).
  1. When you are Resting, Rest
    Put appropriate boundaries around responding to emails. Emails may only take a short time to write, but they require energy that often occupies our minds and keeps us from truly resting.
  1. Rest from Social Media and Other Electronics
    It is amazing how electronics have changed the way we live. It is not all bad, but at the same time, it often consumes our time and ironically it isolates us. Try stepping away from your phone for a period of time or even turning it off. It is amazing how radical that even sounds!!
  1. Find a Hobby
    Do something that is different than what you do during the course of the week. It ought to be something that is life giving and personally rejuvenates you.
  1. Find Ways to Rest with your Family
    What do you do for fun as a family? A healthy family plays together, has fun together and laughs together. Go and have some fun!
  1. Where you struggle with Sabbath, remember the Gospel
    Often our inability to rest comes from an unhealthy view of ourselves. Perhaps we are driven to succeed or we find our identity in what we do or we are trying to mask our unhappiness by staying busy. Don’t forget that our identity and our security is found in Jesus and the Gospel. This is “true rest.”

What do you think? Where do you need to work hard at resting?