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    Author: Ellen Conserva, Bonnie Solberg

    Category: The Pulse 2018, The Pulse - 2018.33 Issue 33, The Pulse - 2018.34 Issue 34, The Pulse - 2018.37 Issue 37

    3 Reasons to Consider Exploring Faith

    BONNIE SOLBERG LEADS an Exploring Faith study a few times a year in during the 9:30 hour on Sundays at WEFC. It is not a lecture however. It is more like a discussion, with all members participating and getting to ask questions. Everyone is heard as they process scripture and enjoy being in a small group setting.

    We "explore faith" by exploring what scripture says about faith! We read and discuss several key passages that deal with essential truths. We try to model what it looks like to read the Bible, make observations and search for meaning. Not only do we learn truths essential to a basic biblical understanding, we learn how to handle scripture.

    If you’re wondering about whether this study is for you, consider these 3 reasons to participate:

    1.  The study is designed to look at basic Christian faith. In other words, if you want to understand what it means to come to faith in Christ, or are new to a relationship with Christ, joining this group will help you in that process.

    2.  It is also an excellent resource for those looking to firm up their ability to explain their Christian faith to others. Maybe you've been a Christian for years, but do not feel confident in your ability to explain your faith to a non-believer. Exploring Faith will help refresh those who want to become more polished and bold.

    3.  Participating in Exploring Faith can benefit anyone in the church, no matter what their walk or journey is with Jesus, or how long or how short that journey has been. Plus, we always deepen our understanding of and learn something more about God whenever we open the Bible, His Word.

    To learn more about or register for the next Exploring Faith study, which begins on October 7th, go here.