What Jesus Demands of the World

Author: Lisa Bobak

The four gospels are filled with demands from Jesus. "What Jesus Demands from the World" is a six-session Bible study that will guide group members through some of these demands with the ultimate end of glorifying God through obedience... Read More

Summer Missions with The Hartford Project

Author: Ryan Warner

I know what I’m doing this summer. At least, I know what I’m doing for one week this summer. From Sunday, July 16th through Thursday, July 20th I’ll be sleeping on the floor of a church in downtown Hartford and serving the community in... Read More

Meet Our Haiti Team

Author: Signe Damdar

Missionaries are everyday people God uses to do his extraordinary Kingdom Work. These 23 WEFC short-term missionaries have already begun months of cultural, spiritual, and language training. They strive to love God, love others, and make... Read More