Community Groups Roll-Out

Author: Michael Conserva

Our WEFC Community Groups officially begin the week of January 8th and will be running through to March 12th, a total of 10 weeks at a time. Of course you have a lot of flexibility when you officially begin and when you officially end. Read More

Community Groups

Author: Michael Conserva

“You can’t know everyone, but you need to know someone.” Our relationship with God was meant to be lived in relationship with one another. Community Groups are designed to help you develop Christian friendship around God’s Word and to receive the... Read More

Upcoming Sermon Series: Empowered to Serve

Author: Dr. Scott Solberg

Did you know that every follower of Christ has spiritual gifts? Peter affirms that “each one has received a gift.” You have been Empowered to Serve and we are offering two ways to help you discover your spiritual gifts and find meaningful ways to... Read More

Youth Winter Retreats

Author: Ryan Warner

There’s just something about pulling away from our everyday environment, away from technology, together with peers and leaders that opens students’ hearts to hearing from God. Read More