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    Author: Dr. Scott Solberg

    Category: The Pulse 2018, The Pulse - 2018.41 Issue 41

    Congregational Business Meeting: October

    I WOULD LIKE TO REMIND YOU that we are having our quarterly congregational meeting on Thursday, October 18 at 7:00 pm.

    Attached you will find an agenda for the meeting along with the minutes from the prior meeting. Some of the highlights of the meeting are as follows:

    1 - Upon recommendation from the Missions Committee, the Executive Board is asking the congregation to release $5,700 from the missions budget to bless each our missionary families with a $300 Christmas “bonus.”  This action requires congregational approval since it is not part of the current budget.  The funds will be drawn from the reserve accumulated from this past fiscal year.

     2 - The Executive Board has three major goals this coming year:

    • Revise the constitution and by-laws to transition to elders and deacons
    • Respond to the church survey and report to the congregation
    • Phase II of the renovations

    At the congregational meeting an update will be given as to where we are with each of these items. We will also be introducing “WEFC Conversations.” This is an opportunity for the congregation to come and discuss these matters while they are in progress.

    The first two WEFC Conversations will be as follows:

    1. Constitution and By-laws – Sunday, November 4 from 6:00 to 8:00
    2. Church Survey: Topic – Community Groups – Sunday, December 2 from 6:00 to 8:00

    More details will be given at the congregational meeting.

    Blessings, Pastor Scott