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    Author: Dr. Scott Solberg

    Category: The Pulse 2020, The Pulse - 2020.05 Issue 5, The Pulse - 2020.06 Issue 6

    Congregational Meeting Report

    THE FOLLOWING IS A REPORT from the quarterly congregational meeting held last Thursday, 1/23/20.

    Financial Reports
    It was reported that the General Fund finished the second quarter with a healthy positive working balance. With giving being $23,000 above budget and with expenses $52,000 under budget, the General Fund is in a strong position. In addition to the General Fund, the Missions Fund also finished the second quarter with giving above budget. We are grateful for the faithful giving of the WEFC family and it is our prayer that God would use our gifts for eternal purposes.

    Executive Board Informational Items

    1. Missions House Updates: Dave Gough reported that funds have come in to do some work at the Missions House. The upstairs bathroom and the plumbing are being updated. That wooden floors are in the process of being redone. Donations have been given to cover these expenses and the work hours have been donated by Brad Vanderbugh and Rick DeMaio. It was also discovered that the chimney needs to be repaired and once the cost is determined, the need will be made known for those who would like to contribute to it.

    2. Phase II Update: Gerry Gingras presented an update on Phase II renovations. Since April 2019, $42,000 have been given to the Expansion Fund to assist in the ongoing work of Phase II. The following projects are fully funded and in process:

    • Sanctuary Front Doors
    • Security/Intercom System Upgrade
    • Replace Ceiling Tiles
    • Window Replacement and Insulation
    • Office Phone and Network Upgrade

    The remaining projects will be completed upon the receiving of the funds. If you would like to assist in helping us finish Phase II, please mark your check for Expansion Fund.

    3. Bylaw Revision: The Bylaw committee gave an update on the process of revising the WEFC Constitution and Bylaws. The committee and the Executive Board have worked on an initial draft and have collected feedback from a Focus Group from the congregation. It was announced that the committee and the Executive Board are now ready to begin engaging the congregation over the proposed revision. The outline of the conversation is as follows:

    • WEFC Conversation over Elders – Feb. 9 at 6:00 pm
    • WEFC Conversation over Deacons – March 8 at 6:00 pm
    • Goal: Vote in April to move forward with revising the Constitution and Bylaws
    • Goal: Final vote on the revisions in October, 2020

    A detailed packed of information will be distributed to the congregation on Sunday, February 2 and the congregation was encouraged to participate in the conversation and process.

    4. Board Retreat and Goals for 2020: Steve Peery gave a report on the recent Executive Board Retreat and shared the goals for the coming year.

    • Move to Elders and Deacons with the final approval of the Constitution & Bylaws
    • Leader Development: 5 to 10 in training using a clearly defined disciple-maker pathway
    • Community Groups: Growth in gospel fluency and 10% growth in participation
    • Residency Program: Successful graduation and induction with the program refined around the vision of WEFC
    • Church Multiplication: Bathed in prayer, identify a location