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    Author: Dr. Scott Solberg

    Category: The Pulse 2018, The Pulse - 2018.44 Issue 44

    Congregational Meeting Report: Oct. 2018

    Financial Reports
    It was reported that the General Fund giving was down $11,000 as compared to this time last year. There was also concern expressed over the working balance deficit of (-) $58,000. The finance committee will be taking a look at this and will be discussing it with the Executive Board.

    Executive Board Items
    The following motion was presented from the Executive Board at the request of the Missions Committee. It was recommended to the congregation that the Missions Committee be allowed to provide each of the nineteen missionaries with a $300.00 Christmas gift for a total expenditure of $5,700. Approval was sought because this was not part of the current missions budget and the funds were drawn from the starting reserve at the beginning of the fiscal year. The motion was approved by the congregation.

    Informational Items

    1. New Member: Mark Waller was presented to the congregation.

    2. Church Planting Residency Program: An update was given on the Church Planting Residency Program. Our first resident is Steve Durgin and he has fully settled into the residency program. The emphasis for the first year is built around five key areas: assessment, church planting training, facilitate a community group, Sunday morning presence, and exposure to our leadership communities.

    It was announced that a second resident will be starting with us on November 1. David Rucquoi is pursuing ministry as a second career and has been a member and an elder at Hope Church (EFCA) in Wilton, CT. David will be commuting from Darien, CT.

    3. WEFC Conversations: The Executive Board has three goals for the coming year:

    Identify the scope and cost for Phase II of the church renovations
    Respond to the church survey taken this past year
    Revise the church constitution and by-laws to reflect elders and deacons

    The Executive Board would like to engage the congregation in the process of addressing these issues through a series of ongoing conversations.

    WEFC Conversation #1: Church Constitution and By-Laws: Sunday, November 4 (6:00 – 8:00 pm)
    The goal of this conversation is to share what has been done to this point on the constitution, to begin talking about elders and to get feedback.

    WEFC Conversation #2: Church Survey: Sunday, December 2 (6:00 – 8:00 pm)
    The goal of this conversation is to talk about what the survey conveyed to us about Community Groups and what steps the Executive Board is recommending in light of this information. All conversations will include food and a time for prayer.

    4. NEDA Conference: A report was given on the recent NEDA Conference, which was attended by Pastor Scott, Pastor Mike and Pastor Ryan.