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    Author: Raymond Gratton

    Category: The Pulse 2018, The Pulse - 2018.39 Issue 39, The Pulse - 2018.40 Issue 40

    Ever Thought About Becoming a Stephen Minister?


    God Gifted You to Care
    Why should I consider becoming a Stephen Minister? God Gifted You to Care. Who me? Yes you! Spiritual gifts are gifts to give away. God gives them to us, and we use them to serve others. How are you using your gifts right now? Are you looking for a new way to use them? If your spiritual gifts include one or more of the following: faith, mercy, teaching the faith, encouragement, or listening, consider Stephen Ministry, our congregation’s one-to-one caregiving ministry. This may be just what you’ve been looking for! Please prayerfully consider becoming a Stephen Minister.

    Making a Difference
    You can make an impact by answering God’s call to serve. Every day you see people who are hurting: those who have lost a job, have lost a loved one, have gone through a divorce, loneliness, battling a terminal illness or a difficult time. Stephen Ministers are God’s representatives who bring His love to those who are hurting and have an impact on people’s lives at times when they really need someone to provide quality Christian care. It's amazing how God intervenes in our process of matching the Stephen Minister with the care receiver. God may be calling you for that care receiver. God is waiting to make a difference in their lives through you!

    An Opportunity to Learn, Serve and Grow
    Stephen Ministers (18 years old or older) are WEFC members who go through 50 hours of caregiving training. Our Stephen Ministers put their skills and compassion to work, serve, care and bless people in our congregation. The more you focus on the Lord and do God’s work, the more satisfaction you will find from Christian service, fellowship and support from other Stephen Ministers and Stephen Leaders. It’s that simple! Are you looking for more satisfaction in your life? By helping others, you will help God’s kingdom grow—and you will grow too!

    Do It All in Jesus' Name:
    Stephen Ministers bring distinctively Christian care to those in need. They use both words and deeds to express Christ’s care for others—listening and comforting, calling on the training they have received and employing the tools of faith. If this job description fits your personal goals for ministry, consider becoming a Stephen Minister.

    Contact a Stephen Leader for more information about becoming a Stephen Minster or how someone you know could be matched with a Stephen Minister. Call Ray Gratton (860-716-2301), Linda Papertsian (860-796-5643) or Kirsten Trumbull at the church office for more information. Call today!