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    Author: Lisa Bobak, Mary Sarratt

    Category: The Pulse 2018, The Pulse - 2018.42 Issue 42, The Pulse - 2018.43 Issue 43

    Help Us Help You to Stay Connected!

    HAVE YOU EVER NEEDED a new church friend’s phone number or email, but the office is closed? It’s now easy to get and stay connected to one another through our online community (REALM), a database that provides secure, real-time information, 24x7.

    You can help us help you stay connected by taking the time to verify the information that we currently have on file for you.

    If you already have a REALM account, click here to verify and/or update your information.

    If you’d like to join REALM, click here to do so.

    We encourage you to do this on your own, but if you’d rather have personal help, WEFC staff will be available Sunday, 10/28 in the lower hallway. You can stop by between services to ask questions or get assistance with any of the following:

    • Verify your current information
    • Create a REALM account for you/your family
    • Create privacy settings, so you decide what information is shown to other church members
    • Take an informal picture to associate with your profile
    • Answer any other questions you might have

    As always, the office staff is happy to help you during business hours.

    There’s more!
    Looking up a phone number or email is just the tip of the iceberg regarding what you can do with REALM. Here's just a few of the other benefits:

    • Easily connect with your community group or WEFC committee to share prayer requests, pictures or documents
    • View your giving information (only you can see this through your profile)
    • RSVP for church events
    • Stay connected from wherever you go by downloading the free app