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    Author: Michael Conserva

    Category: The Pulse 2018, The Pulse - 2018.23 Issue 23

    Hospitality: Building “Visible Currency”

    “Why Hospitality is Vital to Church Planting,” is an article recently published by the Gospel Coalition that caught my eye, as we think about Crossing the Bridge, Living Sent Lives and Church Planting. In this article, Tony Merida explores “Six Ways To Grow In Gospel Fueled Hospitality.” These are the Six Ways.

    1. Expand Your Guest List
    2. Serve Others Rather Than Trying To Impress Them
    3. Reject the ‘My Home Is My Refuge’ Mentality
    4. Pay Attention to People’s Needs, Likes, and Concerns
    5. Don’t Feel the Need to Copy Others’ Practices
    6. Greet Warmly, Engage Sincerely, Say Goodbye Thoughtfully

    Hopefully, the above list is intriguing enough that you explore the article for yourself here.

    I believe Merida brings out some very practical suggestions for us to consider as we think about how we engage the world around us and show the love of Christ in a meaningful way.