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    Author: Lisa Bobak

    Category: The Pulse 2019, The Pulse - 2019.10 Issue 10

    Information or Invitation?

    THE FOLLOWING EMAIL WAS SENT RECENTLY to the mailing list of Brian Doyle, founder and president of Iron Sharpens Iron. His message is thought-provoking and can apply to many situations in the life of the church. Think about it the next time you’d like to have someone attend a church event.

    I have learned a few things along the way and here is a BIG ONE. Invitation vs Information - and here is what I mean when it comes to something like the ISI Conference.

    - email blasts
    - power point slides
    - pulpit announcements
    - conference poster on the wall
    - handing out a conference brochure
    - bulletin insert at church

    - one man in person or on the phone asking another man to join him

    We need information but the majority of men also need and want an invitation.

    May I suggest that you and another guy or two do your absolute best to simply extend a personal invitation to EVERY MAN in your local church?

    Hi Joe, I am in for the Iron Sharpens Iron Conference on March 16th. Want to join me? We could go together - maybe do some 'iron sharpening iron'?

    Serving with you,
    Brian Doyle, ISI Founder and President