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    Author: David Hawes

    Category: The Pulse 2018, The Pulse - 2018.31 Issue 31, The Pulse - 2018.32 Issue 32

    Missionary of the Month: Gordon & Bear Grover

    GORDY AND BEAR GROVER are missionaries WEFC has supported since 1983. They currently serve through EFCA ReachGlobal in Cameroon, Africa and the surrounding villages. Gordy serves as a “Biblical Leadership Coach”. Another role he has is "Prayer Environmentalist", cultivating an environment of prayer among churches and asking God to intervene by praying specifically for national leaders by name. He developed a prayer calendar for that purpose, and it has been very well received. Now he needs prayer that it will be widely distributed and used.

    Every Cameroonian Gordy has spoken with about praying for their government leaders by name says what a great idea it is. They’re always excited to have a prayer tool that lists all the ministry-level leaders, with other top officials, from the President of Cameroon on down.

    One of their taxi drivers attends a Saturday morning men’s group that is using the prayer calendar regularly. This happens to be one of the largest Baptist churches in Yaoundé. He said the group leader asked at the beginning of the meeting if anyone could name the Person of the Day for whom they were praying, and many knew the name. It’s impossible to know how many churches or people are using the prayer calendar, but it’s good to hear that it’s being used. This calendar is a great evangelistic tool in bringing churches and believers together, as well as the local communities.

    In April, the Grovers attended the 2018 ReachGlobal Africa Division Conference in Pretoria, South Africa. It was a great time for them to meet friends and colleagues they don’t often see, sit under some good Bible teaching, and have time planned to relax and socialize as well. Their biggest take-away was strong encouragement to make a habit of Sabbath rest each week.

    When Gordy and the attendees were asked what they find restful, several people suggested a bike ride, or a hike. Others said sleep in and read a good book. Someone actually said clean out a closet! Bear will curl up with a book and be very content. Gordy likes to hunt, fish, and hike. That’s not very feasible in Cameroon, so he likes to read, too. They’ve done pretty well setting aside a day of rest since then. Sometimes Sunday is a work day, but recently it’s worked out well for them.

    The Grovers work towards bringing the unreached into the Kingdom of God, as well as educate and encourage the growing number of believers. In working with the several churches Gordy and Bear deal with, they can also rejoice in their coming together for the common goal.

    To read a copy of their most recent newsletter, which details time spent in Connecticut and at WEFC, click here.