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    Author: David Hawes

    Category: The Pulse 2018, The Pulse - 2018.18 Issue 18, The Pulse - 2018.19 Issue 19

    Missionary of the Month - Jay & Kathy Pinney

    JAY AND KATHY PINNEY serve with ReachGlobal, the missions department of the Evangelical Free Church of America (EFCA). Jay is primarily a “church planting catalyst” who trains, coaches, and evaluates church planters in Québec. He is also a member of and travels often with ReachGlobal’s Global Equipping Team, with responsibility for church planter training and development in Asia.

    Jay is an elder in his local church in Montréal, and responsible for planting a daughter church. Kathy is now team leader on the Montréal team (a position formerly held by Jay). In this role, she oversees 3 families, one in Montréal, one in language school in Québec, and one raising support. She also coaches women leaders in their local church, disciples other women, and leads worship. In addition, Jay & Kathy are the parents of 4 young adult children: Michael (28), Lisa (26), Jessica (23), and Jamie (20). It is an understatement to say they lead a busy life!

    Kathy is the also the director of a church planter training program in Québec called the CRAIE which is expanding. Their local church now has a group being trained at La CRAIE in order to plant a daughter church, hopefully at the end of 2019. She now does far more coaching and supervising than in the past. It has added another layer on to her more “routine” ministries of raising up women leaders and disciples in the local church.

    Jay recently traveled to Myanmar (Burma) to conduct a four-day church planter training. He works with the EFC of Myanmar where there are many other ‘missionary’ church planters working among the various tribal groups which are mostly Buddhist, but also animist, and some Muslim context. The training went well in spite of some tough circumstances, because the training his team proposed was in some ways “radical,” and means making many changes to see true multiplication happen. The local churches currently do no discipleship, have no small groups, and count on seminaries to raise up leaders. He asks for prayer for these local Christian leaders, many of whom sincerely want to make the necessary changes, but struggle with what that will mean.

    Jay is in Thailand the first week of May, working with the Lahu believers. This group has already received two levels of training but is also struggling with how to apply it. The churches need to change, basically to reach out and plant new churches, and his team is also looking for people among them who can become trainers in the future. These are all matters for prayer.

    In June, Jay will go back to India, working with a group there called “Tree of Life,” where again he is training “catalyzers,” people who mobilize and create resources for planting new churches.

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