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    Author: David Hawes

    Category: The Pulse 2018, The Pulse - 2018.14 Issue 14, The Pulse - 2018.15 Issue 15

    Missionary of the Month: Vision Beyond Borders

    VISION BEYOND BORDERS (VBB) is an organization that serves today’s persecuted church worldwide.

    Patrick Klein is its Director. He founded the ministry in 1994 after being exposed as a young adult to overseas missions. After carrying bibles into China and helping to encourage local Christians, he felt God’s call to reach people in countries that are normally closed to missionaries. Beginning as a small ministry that specialized in taking Bibles into China and other parts of Asia, VBB has since grown to support orphaned children, widows, and persecuted pastors. They also rescue women and children from sex-slavery. Countries served by VBB include: Central America, China, Cuba, India, Iran, Iraq, Laos, Lebanon, Myanmar (Burma), Nepal, Pakistan, Romania, Syria, and Vietnam.

    Since its founding, Vision Beyond Borders has carried over 1 million Bibles and 15,000 tape players containing the Gospel into closed countries. VBB has set up rescue and rehabilitation ministries for sex-trafficking victims in India & Nepal, including a safe house. With donor support, they have also provided for over 800 children & nearly 200 native pastors in Gospel-resistant nations.

    An abundant amount of humanitarian aid and medical care has been administered to the poor and to persecuted refugees from Burma, Syria, and Iraq. Over 40 million vegetable seed packets have been distributed, providing self-sustaining resources for villages and orphanages. Thousands of Bible flannel graphs have also been delivered to reach children and adults with the Gospel.

    VBB’s multiple outreaches are described below. Click on a link to get more information, as well as learn about opportunities to serve.

    Bible Project/Delivery
    In order to bring Bibles to other countries, it is vital to have traveling volunteers. Traveling with a team plus giving funds to purchase these bibles is always their highest priority.

    Vision for Pastors
    Those who have a heart for supporting ministry overseas are invited to contribute financially to support pastors around the world. Depending on the country, pastor support per month differs.

    Vision for Children
    VBB seeks to provide food, clothing, living expenses, and education for orphans, but needs the help of sponsors to accomplish this.

    Vision Beyond Borders is raising support to help children whose mothers are in the clutches of trafficking. They are also raising support for a “safe house” in Romania to help educate young ladies about trafficking before getting drawn in to that lifestyle.

    Refugee Ministry
    VBB is seeking to raise funds for containers full of clothes, hygiene items, medical supplies, and more that will be sent to the Middle East. They also accept volunteers to come and help sort through the items in their Casper, WY and Billings, MT offices.

    For those who are better able to help from home, VBB has flannelgraphs that need to be cut. These will make their way to different countries as useful teaching tools.

    I have personally been involved in serving with VBB on several trips and would love to share more information with you. Contact me or through the church office.

    Below are two excellent videos I highly recommend which further explain VBB’s story:

    Kirk Cameron discusses the persecuted church (7:30):

    Vision Beyond Borders Ministry Overview (5:00):