Prayers of Faith and Hope

Author: Dr. Scott Solberg

Why do we pray? What do we pray? There is not a better way to answer these two questions than to spend some time in a book of prayer, the book of Psalms. By spending time in the book of Psalms, this summer we will learn how to pray the prayer... Read More

Team Training for Haiti

Author: Signe Damdar

When team co-leader, Ray Damdar, introduces the Haiti trip to potential team candidates he begins with, “This is not a 10 day trip. This is a 10 month journey.” Find out how the Haiti team members are preparing for the Haiti trip. Read More

Teaching Sunday School is A Learning Experience!

Author: Shelagh Schuberth

Sheran Smith has served in WEFC’s Children’s Ministry for over 35 years. She says, “Teaching Sunday School has kept me grounded and growing in my own faith journey. You find yourself applying the biblical truths to your own life; it can be quite... Read More