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    Author: Colleen Smith

    Category: The Pulse - 2017.40 Issue 40, The Pulse 2018

    Nursery Facelift: Our Parents and Littlest Ones Feel the Love

    ON A HOT WEDNESDAY EVENING in early August, several very eager teens, college students and adults descended on the Nursery to give two of the three rooms a beautiful facelift. The room was abuzz as they worked, talked, laughed and shared pizza together. In a few short hours they had every wall painted a soft pale gray color and the trim painted white. Just the one coat of paint made a big difference and it was a great way to jumpstart the project. They had so much fun that someone suggested we need to do more projects like this. Hmmmm…my wheels are already spinning.

    Over the course of the next few weeks, painting was completed including the entrance to the nursery area and the welcome table. All surfaces, toys and carpets were cleaned. Some fresh decorating tied it all together.

    When parents arrived on Sunday, September 9th, they were both surprised and delighted to see the transformation that had taken place. The nursery feels more spacious and the color palette makes it a very calm and serene space. It is both an inviting and cheery place for the youngest of our church to learn about Jesus.

    Every project needs a “driver” and Sharan Crabtree, our Director of Children’s Ministries, delivered. She enlisted volunteers and coordinated the various aspects of the work with Gerry Gingras, Trustee Chair, as well as Linda Sylvester, our church decorator. We thank them along with the entire team of people who came and worked so diligently to make this endeavor a success. Our parents and their little ones are feeling the love of their church family.

    For “before” and “after” pictures, click here.