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    Author: Colleen Smith

    Category: The Pulse 2018, The Pulse - 2018.26 Issue 26

    Renovations Completed! Take a Look at What’s Behind These Doors

    THANK YOU FOR YOUR PATIENCE AND UNDERSTANDING as the main restrooms on the lower level (adjacent to Fellowship Hall) were completely remodeled. As is often the case, there were unavoidable delays which extended the timeline. However, the end product was worth the wait.

    There is not a surface that hasn’t been replaced and handicap accessibility is now up to code with widened entrance doors, stalls and fixtures. The only exception is the windows which we hope to address in a wider conversation during the next phase of building renovations.

    Below are some “before” and “after” pictures so you can compare the old with the new. It is an amazing transformation that demonstrates how a much needed facelift can change the entire feel of a space. It is bright, fresh, and welcoming and will serve the needs of our church family for many years to come.

    View “Before” and “After” pictures.