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    Author: Dr. Scott Solberg

    Category: The Pulse 2018, The Pulse - 2018.24 Issue 24, The Pulse - 2018.25 Issue 25

    WEFC Short-term Missionary: Erin Evangelista

    ERIN HAS JUST COMPLETED her sophomore year at Trinity College in Hartford. She is a pre-medicine student majoring in biomedical engineering. She is from Hawaii, but during the school year she has found a home at WEFC.

    Erin will be serving in the eastern coastal city of Dar es Salaam. She will be teaching mathematics and science at a private high school. The students are primarily Muslim, Indian and Pakistani. Aside from teaching, her team will be hosting Bible camps and worship events.

    When asked why she wants to go on this mission trip, Erin said: “When I learned about the Tanzanian culture and the attitude of the families and students I’d be working with, I related and identified with them. There was a point in my life when I had a very similar attitude as they did. At that point, I was too focused on what society defined me as and was never truly satisfied with myself. Until, I met Jesus…I desire to serve God and my neighbors in Tanzania on this short-term mission trip to lead them towards a life unfocused from how society sees them and focused on a life with Jesus.”

    Erin asks that we pray for the following:

    • Opportunities in building relationships with the students, the people of Dar es Salaam, and the team
    • Spiritual growth
    • Protection over the mission team
    • God’s grace for the people of Tanzania
    • Her complete trust in God’s will to use her as His vessel

    To learn more about Erin’s mission trip, go to this page.

    The missions committee has agreed to support Erin for $675. Thank you for your support of our missions budget. It allows us to come around students like Erin, and be part of what God is shaping in her heart.