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    Author: Colleen Smith

    Category: The Pulse 2018, The Pulse - 2018.26 Issue 26

    What I Realized About Community at Kindergarten Graduation

    I RECENTLY ATTENDED kindergarten graduation for two of my granddaughters. All the kids waved excitedly to family and friends as they processed in, and when they sang it struck me how sweet and honest they were in that moment. Obviously, music is a strong emotional connector for me but, I don’t think I was the only one moved by what I heard and saw.

    Then I made another observation of the powerful relationship between students, teachers and paraprofessionals. There was mutual love and admiration. The children eagerly followed every cue given and did they ever smile at those who had invested so much in them. A few children had issues with the whole experience and one by one they knew to walk to their teacher /para and receive a word of affirmation, a lap to sit on, or a gentle rub on the back. This is where I practically lost it. There was community right in front of me! They had 185 days together forging relationships that made what I was witnessing possible.

    While community happens in kindergarten it does not compare to times when God’s people come together to worship. There is a vertical spiritual dimension that takes place when we meet with our good and gracious God. As we shower love and praise on our heavenly Father and confess our sins, He longs to forgive and affirm both His delight in and love toward us. And, as the body of Christ, on the horizontal level we speak life into each other through God’s Word, praying and singing together. That my friends, is one of the ways we can experience Christian community!

    That being said, Sundays have a particular rhythm that doesn’t allow for the unexpected or the lingering with God if you will. For that reason, worship Leaders, Wally Culup and Dan Leffingwell, have planned an opportunity for us to reflect and connect with God and each other at our:

    Summer Night of Worship,
    Wednesday, July 25, at 7:00 pm

    This is a laid back and intentionally informal time, so bring the whole family and join with many from our worship teams as we draw near to experience God’s goodness and the blessing of worshiping as a church community. Hope to see you there.

    Click here to see the set list.