Stephen Ministry

Stephen Ministers are the "after" people. They care for people after the crisis that changes everything.

Many situations in life may bring a need for assistance or working through a crisis. Knowing there is someone who cares, is consistently confidential in their work, and is trained to look at any crisis from a distinctly Christian perspective may give you the resources you need to face the crisis and come out on the other side with a renewed relationship with God.

Stephen Ministers desire to come alongside those who need care in many of life’s crisis points. They each have dedicated over 50 hours of training to learning and serving, but are not counselors. As trained Christian caregivers, their role is to listen and care, not to counsel or advise. If you need care or know of someone who does, please contact the church office to set up an appointment.

To learn more about Stephen Ministry and see frequently asked questions, click here, or visit the Stephen Ministries national office web site.

The video below explains Stephen Ministry from a Care Receiver's perspective: