A Son, A Servant, A Steward

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Church on the Street: Rev. Bryan Bywater  

Church on the Street: Rev. Bryan Bywater  

BRYAN BYWATER HAS A UNIQUE ministry to the homeless living on the streets in Hartford.   

Every Saturday, he meets them where they are at, on the streets, and they have a worship service. Their pews are the steps of Hartford City Hall. His altar is a folding table. But don’t be fooled, in a powerful way, the love of Christ is on display and those regularly forgotten are reminded that they are of value in God’s eyes and loved by Jesus. 

In a 2018, Hartford Courant published this article on Bryan’s ministry, 

Lisa Rodriguez offered this testimony in response to his ministry. “The little things Bryan does for us are big. This brings us closer to God. It helps us get motivated, and it helps take us out of darkness.”  Rodriguez adds, “We’re in bad situations, but it’ll pass.”   

Lisa has been homeless for about a year. She lost her job first, and her apartment second. She had no one to turn to, because those close to her were barely getting by. She was quick to point out that not everyone who is homeless is there because of mental illness or drug addiction. She said, “It’s a different situation for everybody.” 

At the time of the article, Rodriguez was working with a case manager to get housing, and she has plans to get her degree. 

I am excited for you to hear Bryan share his ministry with us on Sunday and challenge us from God’s Word. I am hopeful that it will open doors for us to join in his effort in caring for those who are in need. 

Here is a video that gives visual to what Bryan and his team of volunteers do every Saturday in the city of Hartford.