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A Praying Life: Connecting with God in a Distracting World

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“Connecting with God in a Distracting World.” That is a great subtitle to a book on prayer written by Paul Miller.

Do you feel distracted from God? There sure are a lot of things vying for our attention, crying out to us. I think it is easy to get spiritually distracted in our culture. 

Two things come to mind.

First, my own sense of self-sufficiency is often bred by an affluent culture where everything I really need is readily available to me if I work hard and act responsibly. Or so I tend to think. 

Miller suggests that American culture is one of the hardest places in the world to learn to pray. Why is that? 

“One of the subtlest hindrances to prayer is probably the most pervasive. In the broader culture and in our churches, we prize intellect, competency, and wealth. Because we can do life without God, praying seems nice but unnecessary. Money can do what prayer does, and it is quicker and less time-consuming. Or trust in ourselves and in our talents makes us structurally independent of God.”

Relatively speaking, we live a life of ease, and this distracts us from God.

And yet, the very act of prayer itself is an expression of our need for God. This is the reason we need to pray. 

But then, I also find that when problems come, they too can distract me from God. Often, amid my problems, God can seem far away and somewhat obscure to my sight. In other words, I’m distracted.

This is where I need to be reminded of who God is and what that means for me amid my problems. Consider this helpful insight that helps us find God when we are distracted by our problems.

“If God is sovereign, then he is in control of all the details of my life. If he is loving, then he is going to be shaping the details of my life for my good. If he is all-wise, then he’s not going to do everything I want because I don’t know what I need. If he is patient, then he is going to take time to do all this.”

Suddenly, the problem I once thought was a distraction is the very thing God is using to show himself to me.

Hope these words help you see God in your life.