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Amirah! Opportunity to Bless!

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Amirah exists to provide aftercare, resources, and opportunities to women who have survived different forms of sexual exploitation, sex trafficking, and prostitution.

This year, Amirah launched a new Community Resource Center in Lynn, MA, reaching victims and survivors with clinical care and survivor-mentoring in Lynn. They anticipate seeing 100 women in this space this year!

The year 2021 also saw Amirah opening the doors of their second safe home in the Greater Hartford area, duplicating their long-term residential services and working to provide a refuge of hope when she had none.

With all this amazing new growth, WEFC has been invited to participate with Amirah in two specific ways.

Christmas Gift Card Drive:

We have been invited by Amirah to collect 25 gift cards for household items. These gift cards can be from Walmart, Target or Marshalls.  They can range from $25 to $100. 

We are partnering with other churches to support the overall goal of 400 grocery/gas cards, 200 pharmacy cards and 100 household cards.

Our contribution goal is 25 Household Gift Cards. 

If you feel led to participate, purchase a gift card from Walmart, Target or Marshalls and bring it to the church by Sunday, December 19. You can bring the cards to the church office or put them in the offering box.

Regional Prayer Gathering

Hear about urgent updates from the field. Hear briefly from a pastor from the Amirah community. Friends of Amirah will lead us in worship, and most importantly, we'll spend time across denominational lines and boundary markers laboring in prayer for women caught in modern-day slavery.

  • Thursday, December 9 at 7:00 pm.
  • In person: Silk City Coffee on Main Street in Manchester.
  • Virtual: Register here