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Congregational Meeting Report - 10/21/21

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The congregational meeting this past Thursday gave us an opportunity to look back at what God has done and to look forward to where we sense God leading us.  It also gave us the opportunity to acknowledge the challenges we have faced over the past 18 months and, at the same time, celebrate the way God is at work and has provided for our church family.

Here are some of the items reported on at our congregational meeting.

Financial Reports: Two reports were shared with the congregation: the end of the fiscal year report and the first quarter of the current fiscal year. 

The first report was the end of our fiscal year, ending in June.  The good news in this report was that our General Fund finished with a positive working balance, and with addition of the PPP loan being forgiven, we had a positive working balance of over $90,403.  While the Missions Fund finished with a slight negative working balance of $4,124, we had retained earnings of $24,694 to carry over to the current year. 

The second financial report was on the first quarter of the current fiscal year.  There was a significant decline in giving for the first quarter of the current fiscal year.  As a result, we ended the first quarter with a net loss of $66,752.  There was also a net loss in missions of $9,147.  While this trend is concerning, it was noted that the strong working balance of the previous fiscal year was able to carry us through the first quarter of this fiscal year.  At the same time, it was noted that this trend can’t continue, and the elders will be monitoring the situation.  It was also noted, however, that God has supplied what we needed and that giving has increased at the beginning of the second quarter.

You can view the financial reports here:  Financial Reports

We are grateful for the faithful giving of the WEFC church family.

Annual Reports: The congregation was encouraged to read the annual reports from the previous year. These reports acknowledge the challenge of the past year and the way God was at work in it.  You can access the report here: Annual Report

Elder and Deacon Updates; It was acknowledged that our new governance of elders and deacons has gotten off to a good start. Brian Hucks gave an update on the activity of the elders and Janice Catrone gave an update on the activity of the deacons.

Both the elders and the deacons have been working together to touch base with the WEFC church family by calling each family. This is still in process and has been a rewarding experience.

It was noted how the elders have taken active leadership in various ministries within the church. It was also reported that the deacons are about to launch a new ministry that enables people from the church family to be linked to physical needs within the church family. This ministry is called Together We Serve, and you will be hearing more about this in the coming weeks.

Social Media: Pastor Mike gave an update on our social media presence. A concerted effort has been made to increase our social media presence and the congregation was invited to participate in it. It is a vehicle to share our faith and to introduce our church to the wider community. Links to the various social media platforms can be accessed at the upper right-hand corner of the church website:

Student Ministry: Mike Schuberth gave a report on what is currently going on in our student ministry.  Mike is serving this year in an interim role while we pursue God’s leading with a full-time Pastor of Student Ministry.

Pastor Scott gave a report as to where we are in the process of looking for a full-time Pastor of Student Ministry. It was reported that a job description has been developed and the position has been posted. We will be receiving resumes through the end of the year. A search committee has been established to help us identify the candidate we want to present to the congregation for consideration. The search committee members are Heather Henck, Erica Liljenberg, Ben Lewis and Steve Mann.

Volunteers: The meeting closed with Brian Hucks giving thanks to all those who have stepped into roles of serving and by identifying the various ministries that still need support. If you would like to find a place to serve in the church, please contact the church office.