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First Sunday Reflections

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“First Sundays”...that is what we are calling the first Sunday of each month this summer. On the first Sunday of each month, we are holding our worship service under the tent followed by a picnic.

Even though it was very hot on Sunday, the time together was truly special.

As we slowly come out of the isolation of the past fifteen months, the prospect of being together on a regular basis is encouraging and life giving.

There are two thoughts that are sitting with me in light of this past Sunday. 

First, I thought of how the New Testament refers to the church as “the body of Christ.” We are the visible presence of Christ on earth. That is a profound truth and there is a lot of mystery wrapped up in that truth.

Over the past fifteen months, we have all benefited from the digital church experience. It has been a blessing and it has opened new opportunities for the church that will no doubt last beyond COVID. 

But I was reminded on Sunday that there is something about being together as “the body.” Church was meant to be embodied. There is something about worshiping together, praying together, eating together that can only be fully captured when we are “in body” together. 

As we make our way back from this prolonged fifteen months of “hibernation,” I hope you come to savor and relish the beauty of the body of Christ – the church gathered - and the blessing that is gained from being together. 

I am looking forward to when we are all back together again.

The second thought I took from Sunday has to do with our witness. I loved the idea that our neighbors could see and hear us gathered for worship. 

I know of one neighbor who was walking by during the service and was approached by someone in our church. After a brief conversation with this neighbor, the person from our church prayed with her. 

Now, every time she walks past the church, she won’t just see a church building but she will have a face to go with it. She will not just see the image of an institution, but she will see a congregation of people. And most of all, she will have felt cared for and loved. 

That is the church “incarnated.” That is the church in flesh dwelling among the people of the community. I pray for more encounters like that this coming summer.

It just felt good to be together! 


Chris Dyer on 6/9/21 3:01pm

I love this and I love our church. I couldn't make it but I am so proud of "our body of Christ" and how as Pastor Scott says "we are a visible presence of Christ on earth"