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A Gospel Presence in a Post-Christian Area

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What is a “post-Christian” city?  It is a city where the fewest number of people follow Christian beliefs and practices, based on a few key factors.

Take, for example, the Springfield/Holyoke area right up the road from us. This region is considered the most “post-Christian” city in the country.

How so?

  • 60% never made a commitment to Jesus
  • 65% hadn’t been to church recently (pre-COVID)
  • 87% hadn’t read a Bible in the past week
  • 40% indicated that faith is not an important part of their life

Here is a list of the top ten “post-Christian” cities in America.

  1. Springfield/Holyoke, MA – 66%
  2. Portland/Auburn, ME – 60%
  3. Providence, RI/Bedford, MA – 59%
  4. Burlington, VT – 59%
  5. Boston, MA/Manchester, NH – 57%
  6. Albany-Schenectady-Troy, NY – 56%
  7. Hartford-New Haven, CT – 56%
  8. Rochester, NY – 55%
  9. Santa Barbara-Santa Maria-San Luis Obispo, CA – 54%
  10. Seattle-Tacoma, WA – 54%

This news does not catch New Englanders by surprise. Nor should this news cause us to fret.  Instead, it should motivate us to pray, serve and evangelize. 

Perhaps you never thought you would be living on the “mission field.” But you are!

It also makes me grateful for what God is doing in Wethersfield.

This coming Sunday, four churches from Wethersfield will come together to worship our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. 

Even though we live in a region that is the seventh most “post-Christian” city-region in the country, we worship in a town that has four gospel-centered churches. 

We will be joining First Church of Wethersfield, LifeWay Church, and a new church plant in Wethersfield, Generation Church.

Join us this coming Sunday at 10:00 am for an outdoor worship service at Wethersfield Cove Park, State Street, Wethersfield.

It is a great opportunity to give testimony to our community that God is here and that they too can come to know the hope we have in Jesus.