2021 Adopt-A-Grad

6/9/21 | The Pulse - 06-09-21.23 | by Matt Lloyd

    One thing we know about our 2021 graduates is: they are literally survivors. I have watched these students go through the pandemic for the last year and I have to tell you their future is bright. These kids have dealt with change and disappointment without letting it discourage them in pursuing what is important. I hope the adults are watching!

    Now they are going off to face a new challenge at college in the post pandemic world. No one knows what that means exactly, but in another way, we do know what they will face. They will face a world that pulls on them to define themselves according to a myriad of different criteria.  As the church family, this is our time to come around these students in prayer and support.

    How can you help? You can adopt one of our graduates. Adoption means that you will commit to pray for and correspond with your adoptee for the year. We’ve heard from most students that they appreciate the support and prayer as they go through the ups and downs of the first year of college-usually away from the support of their family and friends.

    Read Galatians 6:1-10 and see if you are called to Adopt-A-Grad in 2021.  Here is the list of graduates available for adoption.