50 Days of Spiritual Growth

3/23/21 | The Pulse 2021, The Pulse - 03-24-2021.12 | by Dr. Scott Solberg


    Join us for 50 Days of Spiritual Growth from Sunday, April 4 to Sunday, May 23. 

    During this time, we will be looking at the ways God sanctifies us and makes us more like Jesus.  To do this, we need to engage the mind and engage the heart. 

    Engaging the Mind 

    The sermon series during these 50 days will be a guided look at Romans 6-8.  As we make our way through Romans 6-8, there will be four affirmations – four truths – we will regularly rehearse. 

    • I am accepted in Jesus. 
    • I am free from the power of sin. 
    • I am not alone; I have the Holy Spirit. 
    • I have authority over the kingdom of darkness. 

    Engaging the Heart 

    The Common Rule by Justin Earley 

    To go along with the sermon series, we will be looking at 8 habits that shape our hearts towards loving God and loving others. 

    Daily Habits                                                        Weekly Habits 
    Kneeling Prayer 3x a day                                  One hour of conversation with friend 
    One meal with others                                       Curate Media to four hours 
    One Hour with phone off                                 Fast from something for 24 hours 
    Scripture before phone                                    24 hour Sabbath rest

    These habits are found in the book The Common Rule.  Each Sunday, we will highlight one of these habits. 

     We encourage you to do three things. 

    • Get the book and read it.
    • Get in community and do it with someone else.
      During this time, I will host two workshops to talk about working out these habits.
           ~ Thursday Night, April 15, 7:00 pm – The Four Daily Habits
           ~ Thursday Night, May 13, 7:00 pm – The Four Weekly Habits
    • Give it a try!