Congregational Meeting Report - 6/17/21

6/23/21 | The Pulse - 06-23-21.25 | by Dr. Scott Solberg

    The revised constitution and bylaws were approved in April, resulting in the need for a special meeting to affirm the elder and deacon candidates. In addition to affirming the elders and the deacons, there was unfinished business to tend to from the April meeting.

    1. All the candidates recommended from the Nominating Committee and the Executive Board were affirmed.

      ~ Elders: Brian Hucks, Skip Hardy, Ned Cornwall, Rob Durbois, John Rascius & Glenn Horter
      ~ Deacons: Janice Catrone, Janise Foley, Richard Foley, Karen Mann, Mercella Bingham, & Ed Johnson
      ~ Property Committee: Joe Nelson
      ~ Finance Committee: Gerry Gingras
      ~ Bright Beginnings Preschool: Shelagh Schuberth, Matt Durbois, Cathryn Hucks & Nathaniel Pearson
      ~ Missions Committee: Mike Schuberth and Ellen Conserva
      ~ Director of Worship: Colleen Smith
      ~ Church Chair: Brian Hucks     
    1. The 2021-2022 General Fund Budget $683,577 was approved by the congregation and a brief update on the current fiscal year was given.

      ~ At the end of May we had a $700 working balance deficit
      ~ We anticipate $10,000 of quarterly expenses in June
      ~ We began the fiscal year with a positive balance of $44,000
      ~ We would like to finish the fiscal year strong
    1. The 2021-2022 Missions Fund Budget of $166,670 was approved by the congregation.

      ~ It was reported that, even though we are behind budget, all the quarterly payments were made to our missionaries.             
    1. Informational Items were shared

      ~ Bright Beginning Preschool needs a Director for the upcoming school year. We are grateful to Heather Dzubin and her twelve years of serving in this role.

      ~ Sharan Crabtree has submitted her resignation as Director of Children’s Ministry. Her final day will be July 7.  We are grateful for Sharan and her three years of serving in this role. We will be recognizing her at the worship service on Sunday, July 4.

      ~ The Executive Board is beginning the process of searching for a full time Youth Pastor.  A committee from the board has met with both the student leaders and parents to get input into the process.  More information will be forthcoming.