Congregational Meeting Report: January 2019

1/30/19 | The Pulse 2019, The Pulse - 2019.05 Issue 5 | by Dr. Scott Solberg

    Congregational Meeting Report: January 2019

    THE FOLLOWING IS A REPORT from the quarterly congregational meeting held last Thursday, January, 24.

    Financial Reports
    It was reported that we finished the calendar year with strong giving to both the General Fund and the Missions Fund. The General Fund finished the quarter with a positive working balance of $41,000. The Missions Fund also carried a positive balance of over $13,000. We are grateful for the strong response to our recent need in both funds.

    Executive Board Items
    The following motion was presented from the Executive Board at the request of the Finance Committee. It was recommended to the congregation that the Memorial Fund of $2500 be used to address some unexpected technology expenses for the office staff. The motion was approved by the congregation.

    Informational Items

    1 - New Members:
    Mary Sarratt, Michael and Beth Murphy, Bob and Wendy Emerson and Kim Carlson were presented to the church as new members.

    2 - Phase II Renovations:
    Information was presented by Gerry Gingras about the Phase II renovations. The scope of the renovations is divided into three projects: the sanctuary, fellowship hall/kitchen, miscellaneous needs with the rest of the building. The total cost to Phase II is estimated to be $840,000. We currently have enough money to do both the sanctuary and fellowship hall/kitchen.
    Further opportunity to learn more about these renovations will take place at the next WEFC Conversation on Sunday night, February 10 from 6:00 – 8:30. Sign up here or contact the office if you plan to attend.

    It is the goal of the Executive Board to vote on the proposal at our April meeting.

    3 - Survey Recommendations:
    Pastor Mike reported on the recommendations passed onto the Executive Board pertaining to the survey results regarding community groups. The survey indicated an overall positive response to community groups. However, some areas of improvement were identified.

    • Better clarity on defining what makes a community group – a broader definition than sermon-based groups is needed for clarity.
    • More intentional training for community group facilitators.
    • Improve the process for joining, creating or leaving a community group.
    • Create opportunities within the life of the church for greater interaction beyond the community groups.

    Many of these items are already in the process of being implemented.

    4 - Safety and Security:
    Pastor Mike presented a list of steps that we are taking to improve security within the building during office hours and Sunday service hours. The focus of the security team is to prepare for four kinds of emergency events: medical, evacuation, fire and smoke, and an active shooter.

    5 - Constitution and By-Laws Revision:
    It was reported that the committee is making good strides in reworking the by-laws to address the move to elders. The goal for the committee is to complete their work by April. The congregation will be given opportunity to process and give input to the proposed changes in the coming months.