Congregational Meeting Report


    THE FOLLOWING IS A REPORT from the quarterly congregational meeting held last Thursday, 10/24.

    Financial Reports

    It was reported that the General Fund finished the first quarter with a negative working balance of $3,612. The Missions Fund also finished the first quarter with a negative balance of $4,685. It was reported that ample funds were available to make all our first quarter obligations to our missionaries. Thanks was given for God’s continued provision.

    Executive Board Informational Items

    1. Phase II Update: Gerry Gingras presented an update on Phase II renovations. The budget for the sanctuary, kitchen and fellowship hall was $584,000. With most of the work completed, the projected cost for the project is $30,000 under budget. Combined with the $17,000 received for the Expansion Fund, the next five items on the Phase II renovations were in process of being addressed.

    • Upgrading our security and intercom systems
    • Installing Intruder Lock/Lever sets on our doors for added security
    • Upgrading our office phone & network systems
    • Replacing our acoustical ceiling tiles where needed, and
    • Installing new kitchen appliances at 495 Maple

    The next item on the list for renovations is replacing and weatherizing the windows. The total cost for this project is $39,600. As funds become available, this project will be completed. Donations can be made to the Expansion Fund for the ongoing renovations. There is also opportunity for ongoing volunteer work such as painting. Gerry invited anyone interested to contact him.

    2. Bylaw Update: Maria Greenslade presented an update on the revision of our constitution and bylaws. The goal of the committee and executive board is to have an initial draft of the bylaws completed by the end of 2019 and to make recommendation to the congregation in January or April that we move towards revising the bylaws. When the motion is accepted, the congregation has one year to act on the recommendation.

    A Focus Group made up of members from the congregation has been assembled to give initial feedback to the bylaws.  The members of the Focus Group are: Lucy Bellone, Lisa Bobak, Cindy Kindt, Esther McNany, Ray Damdar, Rob Durbois, Mike Kooken and Adam Lewis.

    Executive Board Recommendations

    The Executive Board made three recommendations that were approved by the congregation.

    1. The missions fund reallocated $3400 for the Corrigan's and $3000 for the Lamont’s.

    2. The missions fund released $500 for each of the 15 missionaries for a one-time Christmas gift.

    3. Steve Peery was voted in as church chair for 2019-2020.