Numbering Our Days

    Teach us to number our days

    Numbering Our Days

    Instructor: Daniel Warriner

    Dates: Beginning September 27 - November 22 (no class October 11th), 

    Time: Sunday mornings 8:15 - 9:30 AM 

    Where: Zoom  Register Here


                   Class Outline

    Class 1: Introduction to Dying Today

    Class 2: Body (action, interaction with the physical world)

    Class 3: Thought (images, concepts, judgments, inferences)

    Class 4: Feeling (sensation, emotion)

    Class 5: Choice (will, decision, character)

    Class 6: Social Context (personal and structural relations to others)

    Class 7: Soul (the factor that integrates all the above to form one life)

    Class 8: Caring for the Dying

    Please watch this video for additional information.