Seeking God in the Secret Place

1/9/19 | The Pulse 2019, The Pulse - 2019.02 Issue 2 | by Dr. Scott Solberg

    Seeking God in the Secret Place

    THIS SERMON SERIES ON MATTHEW 6 reminds us what it looks like to tend to the secret place of our lives. Three times Jesus says in Matthew 6, “And your Father who sees in secret will reward you.” 

    What does it look like to live out our faith in those places no one else sees?

    What does it look like to “seek first the kingdom of God?”

    Join us for this practical look at Matthew 6 and be open to the practical steps you can take to cultivate your spiritual growth in 2019.

    Sunday, January 6 – An Upward Heart of Prayer – Matthew 6:5-15
    Sunday, January 13 – An Inward Heart of Repentance – Matthew 6:16-18
    Sunday, January 20 – An Outward Heart of Charity – Matthew 6:1-4, 19-24
    Sunday, January 27 – An Onward Heart of Seeking – Matthew 6:25-34