Two Years After Hurricane Harvey

9/25/19 | The Pulse 2019, The Pulse - 2019.39 Issue 39

    Two Years After Hurricane Harvey


    VOLUNTEERS CONTINUE TO SHARE Christ's love with those in need in TX.

    Sunday, August 25, 2019 marked the two year anniversary of Hurricane Harvey hitting Texas. Most anniversaries are something we celebrate. So do we celebrate this anniversary joyfully for those who were impacted and have adjusted to the 'new normal' the follows tragedy, or mourn for those who lost everything and are still stuck trying to recover? The answer is both, we celebrate and mourn.

    We celebrate what God has done as a result of families being served by 1,000's of ReachGlobal Crisis Response volunteers. People have come to saving relationships with Jesus Christ! The angels celebrate with us for their restored lives and homes. We celebrate each and every person that has heard the Gospel as a result of this storm. And we celebrate that God has provided for homes to be rebuilt, that the love of Christ abounds, and the seeds sown for a new church plant in the affected region.

    And we mourn. We mourn for tens of thousands that lost their homes, livelihoods and even family members to this devastating storm. We mourn for 1000's of families who are still displaced or are living in their damaged homes because they haven't received the help they so desperately long for. And we mourn that every time a storm brews in the Atlantic, these survivors deal with anxiety, fear and helplessness all over again.

    You can be a part of bringing hope, healing and help to these families who, after two years, are still living as if the storm hit yesterday. Even in Texas, many think everything is all fixed from the storm. We are committed for the long term.

    *Article taken from the 9/3/19 ReachGlobal Crisis Response Newsletter.