What is Amirah?

    The following is adapted from an article written by Rick McKinniss, pastor of Wellspring Church in Kensington, CT.

    AMIRAH IS A MULTI-FACETED aftercare organization for survivors of sex trafficking, providing residential, outreach, and education services. 

    Amirah has recently set up a safe home for women who have been rescued from the sex trade.  This is a very exciting and needed step forward, providing a safe and secure place for the women to heal and re-establish themselves.

    Amirah is a New England based ministry to women who have been rescued from the sex trade. They have operated a safe house north of Boston for several years and have now opened one in the Greater Hartford area. This will be the only one of its kind in the entire state of Connecticut.

    The house is a beautiful older mansion that has been leased to Amirah to provide beds for 26 women, who will have a safe place to begin to put their lives back together. Several churches in the area have been involved in helping to establish this needed ministry in our area.

    On Sunday, July 26, Michael Distefano, the director of Amirah Hartford, will be with us to share the ministry of Amirah with us. As part of our series, “Do Justice”, Michael will speak to the need for rescuing women from trafficking. 

    This kind of ministry is incredibly difficult and costly. The women’s lives have been utterly fractured by their involvement in “the trade”. The work of healing and restoring trust, dignity and confidence, and training in a skill for a new way to earn a living is very painstaking and difficult. The love of Jesus is at the center of this restoration process, but it is more than a “come to Jesus moment” that is required for a life to be set free and put back together.

    On a Kingdom measure, something very significant is accomplished when each one of these lives is restored. In the face of a great systemic cultural evil that is fueled by hell, each woman rescued and restored is a powerful witness in the face of cosmic evil. God is glorified and great grace is released to a culture whenever a systemic evil is addressed and overcome by good.